Startup Sales by Hampus Jakobsson

Startup Sales by Hampus Jakobsson

Startup sales is a seminar led by Hampus Jakobsson that will cover how to monetise, be customer driven, close deals, but most of all how your future sales process determines your product.

He will walk you through founder DNA and sales processes, different tactics for different products, and how to find out what kind of company you should be building today.

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About Hampus:
Hampus Jakobsson is a serial entrepreneur and one of the most prominent angel investors in Sweden. Hampus co-founded interactive mobile interface company, The Astonishing Tribe (TAT), which was sold to Blackberry for over $150 million.

Hampus is also the former CEO of, a sales productivity software provider that helps sales teams close more deals by spending time on the right customers. He’s also a Venture Partner at BlueYard Capital.