Taste tea a new way!

Taste tea a new way!

Have you ever held a whole, unbroken tea leaf?
Does tea come from a bush or a tree?
What IS an Oolong?

Authentic tea is hard to find and the story of tea is a long one.

My aim is to make it easy, engaging and enlightening!

I’m inviting you to start your day by experiencing three different teas with me. I’m a UK trained tea sommelier. You’ll get to hear the unique story behind each of them and I promise that you’ll learn something new. Will you join me?

Spaces for Tea Explorers are limited so please book your FREE ticket in advance.

We’ll be putting the kettle on at 8 am in the Auditorium at THINK Open Space, 11 Bredgatan, 252 25 Helsingborg.

See you there!

& Camellia

If you’d like to join but can’t for whatever reason then please contact me, we may be arranging more tea events in the future! Email me at: harriet@hyvaheimo.com